The Best Vitamins For Women’s Skin

By Vic
October 21, 2022

Brittle hair, nails, and dry skin can indicate a deficiency in vitamin B or D, iron, omega-3s, and other micronutrients. How to understand it and what to do – in the material

For the beauty of the skin, nails and hair, it is important not only to properly care for them with jdn, but also to fully “feed” them with iron, B vitamins, as well as D, C and other essential trace elements. The lack of which vitamins and microelements primarily affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair – we deal with experts.

How to understand that there is not enough iron in the body

Dryness and pallor of the skin, cracks in the corners of the mouth, brittle nails and hair – these signs can indicate an iron deficiency. In women, by the way, iron deficiency occurs quite often due to diets, menstruation, pregnancy, so it is important to take tests periodically.

Iron deficiency can be detected using a blood test for hemoglobin (HB), as well as for ferritin, an iron protein, it should be taken regularly by all women. Because a general blood test will not show the onset of iron deficiency anemia, if it has just begun, that is, hemoglobin may be normal. If iron deficiency is persistent, then products alone cannot be dispensed with to compensate for its deficiency. But animal by-products contain the most iron, especially liver, buckwheat, red meat, spinach, and seafood.

If the condition requires taking iron supplements, then remember that iron deficiency is corrected only under the guidance of a doctor. But in addition to iron, a deficiency of B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and D, often affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

How is vitamin C useful for the skin of the face and body?

We need vitamin C not only to strengthen the immune system, it is actively involved in redox processes, stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis. And also actively fights all manifestations of photoaging: pigmentation, skin roughness, its deformation.

That is, vitamin C is important in anti-age care, because without it collagen and elastin, which are part of all body tissues, skin and blood vessels, cannot be synthesized. This is how their turgor, that is, elasticity, provides them, and the effect of “anti-wrinkles” is achieved.

There is a lot of it in sour berries, sea buckthorn, citrus fruits, in any cabbage – including sauerkraut, green onions, sweet peppers, green parsley. The easiest and most budget option is to make rosehip tea, which is also very rich in vitamin C, and drink it throughout the day. You can also get B vitamins from foods, especially folates (B9).

Is it true that folic acid is a female vitamin?

Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is considered a purely female vitamin because it is often prescribed to pregnant women. Yes, for expectant mothers, folic acid is really very important: if there is enough vitamin B9 in the body of a pregnant woman, then premature birth is minimized.

But folates (the so-called group of substances derived from vitamin B9) are needed not only for expectant mothers. Folic acid promotes the formation of new cells, controls the growth and development of tissues. It also stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, which makes the skin younger and smoother, and also inhibits the appearance of pigmentation.

Leafy vegetables are rich in folate, especially spinach, asparagus, kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. A lot of folic acid in the liver, legumes, seeds, nuts, beets, radishes, rye bread, strawberries. There are also synthetic preparations with vitamin B-9, but they should also be taken only after a doctor’s prescription.

Benefits of Vitamin D for Skin and Hair

Vitamin D helps improve skin firmness, enhances a healthy glow, and helps fight the appearance of wrinkles. Often the lack of this vitamin is observed in the pathology of the gallbladder, in cases of violations of the pancreas, in diseases of the intestine.

In such cases, an additional intake may be recommended, but in order to correctly select the dosage, it is better to first take a blood test for 25 (OH) D. And then, depending on the result of the analysis, the doctor will help you choose the right dose for you.

Food sources of vitamin D are all varieties of oily fish, dairy products (also fatty), butter (but to a lesser extent). Caviar, egg yolks are rich in vitamin D. The main source of commercial vitamin D (ergosterol) is yeast. For the skin, vitamin D is also beneficial in that it stimulates the production of collagen. But collagen can also be obtained from food and supplements.

Collagen and Omega-3 for the skin – what are the benefits and how to take it?

Collagen protein is important and necessary for everyone, but especially for women over 30 to maintain the health and beauty of skin, nails and hair. With age, the content of collagen fibers in the body decreases, wrinkles appear, the skin becomes drier and flabby. Taking collagen does not require a special prescription from a doctor, but an important point is that if you have just undergone surgery, then you should not take collagen. Otherwise, postoperative scars on the skin can “grow” into scars. In general, collagen (if it is a powder) is diluted in 250 ml of water


Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.

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