Street Workout For Beginners

street workout for beginners

Posted On August 7, 2020

What is Street Workout?

Street workout is an emerging fitness discipline; forged in the fumes of chaos. It hails from Eastern Europe and Russia, where street workout stations are as commonplace as alcohol selling kiosks. Slavs embraced this style of workout due to the similarities it has with the revelled discipline of gymnastics.

Street workout took a tangent from both traditional fitness and gymnastics elements. Despite these elements remaining dominant composites of the art, street workout found freedom in the urban influence and the resulting freestyle elements that emerged.
The fledgling movement of street workout found its place in the world thanks to viral videos and the emergence of street workout influencers and competitions. The sport is quickly dominating the space of urban sport, and can be compared to the rise of fame of breakdancing a generation earlier.

L sit calisthenics static exercise

Street Workout training is not for the faint of heart

Street workout is as challenging as it is rewarding. You need to be willing to work hard; like really hard, harder than you’ve ever worked at fitness before. Street workout not only requires your complete dedication workout perspective, but you’ll also need to invest in changing your diet, rehab practices, and thickness of the calluses in your hands (lest anyone sees you wearing gloves)!

You can be sure that the men and women that make a mark in street workout, put in the hard yards. There are no shortcuts to building strength in calisthenics. It’s one hell of a grind. Consistency and discipline are key to becoming a street workout monster.

Everyone starts somewhere, so don’t let the naysayers discourage you from pursing street workout greatness. Prove them wrong – let’s get you fired up – here’s how to begin your journey from a street workout novice to an Internationally recognised Street Workout God.

human flag calisthenics

Street Workout for beginners – where to start

The first step on your journey to supreme greatness should be to build strength. A good foundation in strength is essential to success. Street workout is focused on bodyweight exercises, and therefore your training as a beginner should consist of a balanced full body workout. This should include all the fundamental movement patterns.

To build strength through bodyweight exercises you need to find a benchmark for each exercise and progressively improve through the principle of progressive overload. This means that you will need to steadily push the amount of repetitions that you’re doing by 10% – ideally every 3-4 weeks.

To progress at the fastest rate you should aim to do exercises between 8-12 reps. Once you start surpassing 12 on your street workout exercises it’s time to increase the intensity. This can mean changing angles, lever lengths or adding weight on top of your body weight exercises using a weight vest or belt.

Street workout exercises

Street workout exercises are remarkably simple. All you’ll need is one trusty street workout bar and some hype music. Rip off that shirt and let’s smash some sets:

Pull ups, push ups, jumping squats, inverted rows and your choice of core work make up a typical beginner street workout. Aim to do the exercises as part of a circuit for 2-3 rounds. Once this type of training becomes easy that’s when you can start incorporating advanced exercises like muscle ups and statics.

I’ll leave this awesome post below that breaks down the perfect street workout for beginners

Street Workout Program for Beginners

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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