Exercise Programs

We recognise that some of you would like more independence. That is why we have developed resources to help you achieve your goals while either training completely independently, or in combination with periodic monitoring to ensure you are training in the most optimal way.

The guidance you will receive will be given with the same meticulousness, in written form, as the advice you will get in the personal training packages. It will take into consideration your goals, limitations and time frame.

Each program is designed to last 8 weeks. After this period it is recommended that a reassessment is completed. This ensures training remains optimal in technique and in the application of the principal of progressive overload.

exercise program

Vic is exceptionally knowledgeable and takes the time to clearly explain all elements of our training in relation to technique and  physiology.

Vic is a gun and knows his stuff!



My goal in starting training with Vic was to learn how to do the muscle up. At the time I could barely do 5 pull ups. With consistent training for 3 months I can now do one without the band!



Why Use An Exercise Program?

An exercise program can provide reassurance, and a solid plan to achieve your fitness goals. It is a carefully organised blueprint to build your body – much like the type an architect provides to the engineer when building a house. It outlines not only the order and frequency of exercises, but also provides a roadmap of progression.   

In life we often improvise, and the result of poorly planned randomness is just that – randomness. Time is precious and should be used precisely. Even worse than poor use of time is wasted, and sometimes even counterproductive, use of time. Exercise done for the sake of exercise has limited merit, and can lead to insidious health outcomes.

A lack of awareness in the moment can leave us blind to the long term damage we are doing with, what at the time, seemed like innocuous exercises. The chance of such inadvertent consequences to our movement can be greatly exacerbated by existing conditions and injuries, poor posture and incorrect technique, and can lead to a snowballing effect due to muscular compensations.

A well designed exercise program supervised by a qualified personal trainer can solve all of these problems. It can turn a disorganised training routine into one that is sure to achieve any goal – from weightloss to muscle gain, to hitting your first muscle up!

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