Gymnastics Rings


Product advantages at a glance

High quality wood instead of cheap plastic
Extra wide nylon straps with length markings
Extremely versatile for over 45 exercises
Incl. door anchor for training at home
Incl. free exercise guide as eBook

Product Details

Wooden Gym Rings For Indoor & Outdoor
The training with wooden gymnastic rings ensures a holistic functional bodyweight training experience as the muscles have to balance the instability in all directions, due to the freedom of movement of the rings. This results in an additional training effect compared to training with dumbbells or guided exercises on machines.

The gymnastic rings can be used in addition to our pull-up bars, so you can carry out many more exercises and complement your Freeletics, Calisthenics or Crossfit training.

Details and benefits of our wooden gymnastic rings:
✔ Indoor & outdoor workout: Work out in your garden, a park or during your travels. Thanks to the door anchor you can use the rings also indoors on your door frame.

✔ No cheap plastic: premium wooden (birch) gymnastic rings

✔ The most comprehensive set on the market: Incl. door anchor for indoor workouts.

✔ Heavy duty extra wide numbered nylon straps with quick lock buckles (38 mm x 4.5 m).

✔ Incl. practical sports bag to carry your gym rings and other training equipment to your workout location.

✔ Practical protection bag for transportation.

✔ Versatile: over 45 different exercises.

✔ Practical adjustable velcro fastener clips - tie together the nylon straps so they do not get in the way during training.

✔ Loadability of rings (straps) per strap: 200 kg

✔ Ring diameter 28 mm, internal diameter 18 cm

✔ Weight: 1.170 g

✔ Incl. FREE eBook with over 45 exercises which you can download for free via e-mail.


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