Calisthenics Gloves


Rubber grip pads by Pullup & Dip for more grip for pull exercises such as pull-ups or for Calisthenics, dumbbell training and bodybuilding. Improve your pull-up grip on the pull-up bar.

Product Details

Benefits of the rubber grip pads
✔ Increased grip for pull-ups or other pull exercises.

✔ Protection of the skin - relieves the pressure on the hands and protects against cracks and skarf-skin.

✔ Non-slip - Increases the number of hoists and maximizes the training effect thanks to the special rubber surface for an improved grip and neoprene, which counteract sweaty and slippery hands.

✔ Ergonomically shaped and with an optimal extra big grip surface to protect the entire palm of the hand.

✔ Two high-quality layers: The extra grippy rubber surface with slats and a chic logo on the bottom offers you the perfect grip. The high-quality neoprene protects your palm from cracks and absorbs sweat without stinking.

✔ Four eyelets for the fingers ensure a perfect grip on the hand and additionally absorb sweat.

✔ Alternative to training gloves - no uncomfortable or smelly gloves.

✔ One size fits all - suitable for men and women.

✔ Suitable for all popular strength sports such as Calisthenics, bodybuilding, Crossfit, powerlifting, fitness training, bodyweight training, strongman or Freeletics.


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