Resistance bands


Product advantages at a glance

4 different strengths
Over 30 different exercises
Very long lasting with constant resistance
As support or additional resistance
Incl. transportation bag

Product Details

Pull-Up Bands / Resistance Bands for various exercises
Premium pull up bands / resistance bands to get support for exercises like pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups and more than 40 other exercises incl. practical bag and door anchor (set of 3 and 4). Available in four different strenghts and ideal in combination with a Pull Up bar.

Details and benefits of the pull-up bands:
✔ Ideal product for all Calisthenics, Freeletics, Crossfit and other bodyweight athletes to support your workout.

✔ Training support - The bands lift some weight off you so you can do more repetitions and train the exercise execution.

✔ Perfect support for exercises like pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups and more than 40 other exercises for a whole bodyweight workout.

✔ Also suitable as additional resistance for exercises such as bench-press, squads, push-ups and other exercises.

✔ Increase your strength steadily with the resistance bands.

✔ Practically stowable in the included bag and can be carried everywhere - to your garden, a park, holidays or on business trips.

✔ Incl. door anchor (in the 3 and 4 set) for training at home or in the hotel room.

✔ Effective whole body training both at home and outdoors. Increase your power and mobility.

✔ Suitable as warm-up training, fitness and muscle building as well as stretching.

✔ 100% natural latex - extra tear-resistant and very long lasting with same resistance.

✔ Incl. FREE eBook with over 30 exercises which you can download for free via e-mail.


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