Product advantages at a glance

Extra wide grip for optimum power transmission
Perfect grip even with sweaty hands thanks to anti-slip coatings
No wobbling thanks to coaxial adjustable rubber pads
Extreme stability, longevity and a safe training
Non-slip stand for indoor & outdoor training

Product Details

Fitness Parallettes of Pullup & Dip
Parallettes are the perfect accessory for Calisthenics, crossfit, bodyweight training and gymnastics. With our Fitness Parallettes from Pullup & Dip we offer you the perfect equipment for your indoor and outdoor workout.

The Pullup & Dip Fitness Parallettes are the ideal Calisthenics equipment and are ideal for exercises such as push-ups, L-sit, V-sit, planche, handstand, handstand push ups, sitting dips and many more exercises. Thanks to their height, they allow deeper movements and provide an additional training effect.

Benefits of the Fitness Parallettes
✔ No wrist pain & optimal grip: The extra wide bars of 3,8 cm (4,4 cm with rubber) provide an optimal grip and protect your wrists through the neutral hand position. The anti-slip rubber coverings allow you a perfect grip on the handles even with sweaty hands.

✔ No discolouring or tipping: The coaxial rubber pads on the feet are rotatable and adjustable in seven steps, so they are guaranteed not to wobble and thus compensate for unevenness! They also offer you a non-slip stand, both at home, in the gym and in the outdoor area. Thanks to the special formula they also do not stain.

✔ Wrist Support: Parellettes support your wrists because you do not have to bend them for exercises such as push-ups.

✔ Durable & extremely stable: The fitness parallettes are made of high quality materials and extremely stable. The massive heavy-duty steel tubes ensure extreme stability, longevity and a safe training. Due to the length of 50 cm, a secure stand is guaranteed!

✔ Versatile exercises: The Parallettes are free to move independently and allow you a versatile bodyweight workout. They are ideal for exercises such as L-sit, handstand, planche, push-ups, and many more exercises. Perfect for Calisthenics, crossfit, gymnastics and bodyweight training.

✔ Indoor & Outdoor Training: The Fitness Parallettes are suitable for training at home or in the gym, as well as for outdoor use thanks to the robust anti-slip pads.

✔ Incl. exercise guide as eBook: Following your order, you can conveniently download our FREE eBook with 37 Parallettes exercises via email.


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