Liquid Chalk


Product advantages at a glance

Extremely strong non-slip grip
Reduces sweating on the hands
Versatile for all kinds of sports
Easy to wash off
Almost dust-free and fast-drying

Product Details

Liquid Chalk For A Perfect Grip During Your Workout
No more sweaty hands and a perfect grip during your training? The Liquid Chalk by Pullup & Dip offers you a perfect grip during training, climbing, bouldering, Calisthenics, weightlifting, Crossfit or bowling.

For the Calisthenics training it's ideal for exercises such as pull-ups or muscle-ups and gives you a sweat-free and safe grip. Perfect as a supplement to train on one of our pull-up bars.

Benefits of liquid chalk:
✔ Extremely strong grip: The extra strong liquid chalk offers you a unique and non-slip grip during training. Due to the special formula it reduces the sweating on your hands enormously and offers you the perfect grip.

✔ Extremely versatile: Our liquid chalk is very versatile and can be used for Calisthenics, climbing, bouldering, Crossfit, bowling, weightlifting or strength training.

✔ Performance enhancing: Improve your performance for exercises such as pull-ups thanks to improved grip.

✔ No stinky hands: Thanks to our liquid chalk you will keep the optimal grip feeling compared to gloves. Liquid chalk is the perfect alternative to smelly and sweaty gloves.

✔ Easy to wash off: After training, the liquid chalk is very easy to wash off with a little soap.

✔ Dust-free and quick-drying: Liquid chalk is virtually dust-free and thus THE alternative to chalk powder and is therefore also permitted in most gyms or climbing halls, where chalk traces are seen reluctantly. The special formula dries quickly and the liquid chalk remains on your hands and is not distributed throughout the studio or on your clothes.

✔ Extremely productive: Due to the concentrated formula, you only need a small amount. Thus, a perfect grip for many workouts is guaranteed! The resealable bottle is also super easy to transport in your sports bag.


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