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Calisthenics Personal Trainer in St Kilda

Through our experience, empathy and knowledge; we will guide you to success. We do what we preach. We know that what we teach works because we do it ourselves, and have achieved enormous success. Our personal trainers exert an aura of authority that stems from many years of experience in various disciplines of movement. In addition to this intuitive mastery of movement, each personal trainer possesses a relevant degree in science. The results speak for themselves.

In training there are many factors that constitute success. Everyone is different. Therefore it’s essential to treat every case individually. In saying this, it is important to realise that there is a common lowest denominator. That is to say, it is essential that a strong foundation be laid out, especially when it comes to Street Workout.

Our philosophy surrounding success is four-fold: training, diet, sleep and state-of-mind. It is important to realise that these things are interconnected. It is not only the effort put into each individual determinant, but also the balance of them that holds significance for achieving results.

Initial Assessment

The initial consultation will allow our personal trainers to gauge your current level and any limitations you might have. We will also explore your goals in great detail and create a logical plan to help you achieve them! 

Although anyone can start calisthenics, there is a certain level of conditioning that is required to safely perform most intermediate skills. It is therefore necessary to create a sound foundation. The assessment will help us determine your strengths and weaknesses – and determine which exercises are required for you to reach the next level. Optionally, a body composition analysis can set a baseline to measure future improvements against.

We will go through common structural weaknesses – such as those in the wrists, scapula and shoulders – that may need to be addressed to prevent injury. This will be done in conjunction with a postural assessment, which will further give insights into how your body will perform under strain.

Complimentary to this will be rehabilitation – a set of key exercises, stretches and techniques that will reduce muscle tension and prevent muscular pain and inefficiency.  

Perhaps the most important aspect of the initial consultation will be familiarising yourself with the basic shapes in calisthenics. This handful of special body shapes are the cornerstone of everything you do in calisthenics and its vital that you understand their application. 

Nutritional guidance is also available to those that want it. The guidance here will be general and in accordance with dietary guidance outlines set out by Nutrition Australia. We will not be giving out specific food advice but rather we will be talking about nutritional requirements and example foods that can meet these requirements. For anything further you will need to consult a professional nutritionist. 

What You Get

Personal Training 10 Packs include program design and nutritional consultation

Personal Training 


Program Design


Nutritional Guidance


1:1 Coaching








Postural assessment


Body Composition analysis


Percussion Therapy

Best personal trainers in st kilda

Calisthenics personal training has become huge in St Kilda, Melbourne’s most famous beach town. St Kilda offers the best fitness environment for calisthenics – calisthenics parks and gyms are abundant, the the fitness culture is palpable.

Personal training in St Kilda is a must for anyone trying to improve their calisthenics safely and speed up their progress. 

 Street Workout St Kilda hopes to give life to this calisthenics movement by providing guidance to athletes hoping to learn calisthenics and the intricacies of bodyweight training in a safe and supportive environment, with the correct progressions. We provide personal training, program design and nutritional guidance for those wanting to fast-track their progress in the calisthenics world.

Whether you’d like to learn iconic isometric holds like the handstand or planche, or if you’re more into freestyle and barflow, join us and let us help you become a stronger, fitter, leaner version of yourself. 

Hire with the confidence of knowing that you’re working with the best personal trainers in St Kilda. 


Answers to your questions
Where are you located?

We train outdoors in St Kilda and surroudning areas, but there are opportunities to train indoors at other locations if bad weather and/or if you need the mats;)

Do you have equipment?

Yes, we have access to resistance bands and chalk. The playground has high bars and parallel bars. The only thing you need to bring is yourself. 

Do I need to be super fit?

Absolutely NOT. Calisthenics is for everyone regardless of strength and experience. Like everything, it will take some time, but progress will be much faster than you think.

Are you certified?

Yes! I have a Certificate III and IV in fitness, and additionally a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree with very relevant anatomy and muscular physiology units.

I came in brand new to calisthenics and din’t know what to expect. I had always wanted to get strong, but never enjoyed weights. Vic made me realise that there is so much you can do with just your own body weight! I’m now in the best physical shape of my life, thanks buddy!

Matt Johnson

Vic has made me enjoy fitness again. Never been a fan of the gym, it’s boring! I found out about calisthenics on Youtube but didn’t know much about it. Vic helped me appreciate the basic movement patterns and now I have my eyes set on all the big moves. Fantastic trainer, very motivational!

Axel Menzy

My goal in starting training with Vic was to learn how to do the muscle up. At the time I could barely do 5 pull ups. With consistent training for 3 months I can now do one without the band! I’m absolutely stoked by the results. Vic is super knowledgeable and focused on my goals and I cannot recommend him enough!  

Taylor Robinson

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