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Through our experience, empathy and knowledge; we will guide you to success. We do what we preach. We know that what we teach works because we do it ourselves, and have achieved enormous success. Our Melbourne-based personal trainers exert an aura of authority that stems from many years of experience in various disciplines of movement. In addition to this intuitive mastery of movement, each personal trainer possesses a relevant degree in science and nationally recognised fitness qualifications. 

In training there are many factors that constitute success. Everyone is different. Therefore it’s essential to treat every case individually. In saying this, it is important to realise that there is a common lowest denominator. That is to say, it is essential that a strong foundation be laid out, especially when it comes to Street Workout.

Our philosophy surrounding success is four-fold: training, diet, sleep and state-of-mind. It is important to realise that these things are interconnected. It is not only the effort put into each individual determinant, but also the balance of them that holds significance for achieving results.

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Training Streams

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Weight loss

If you’re looking to get back into shape and mend your relationship with health and fitness, this is the training for you. Our Melbourne-based personal trainers will build up your fitness with a focus on weight-loss, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. 

Everyone starts somewhere – and fitness can be a humbling experience. It’s our job to guide through an appropriate exercise regimen that will fast-track results and help establish long lasting behavioural change regarding diet, sleep and poor lifestyle choices. 

Our standard training option is for anyone looking for a wholistic approach to health and fitness. We recommend this for beginner and intermediate clients. 

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Calisthenics Bodyweight Training

Calisthenics, also known as Street Workout, is bodyweight training discipline that combines gymnastics, yoga, breakdance with its own unique flavour. 

Calisthenics is mostly concerned with floor, high bar and parallel bar exercises and can roughly be divided into fundamentals, statics and freestyle

Our calisthenics training is the best in Melbourne, and is for anyone who has decent upper body and core strength that’s looking to start skill-based training. We recommend this type of training for intermediate and advanced clients.  


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Coming back from an injury? We’ve got you covered. Our Rehabilitation Training focuses on your recovery process – helping you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. 

The pace will be slower and the focus will be on restoring function and reducing muscle stiffness and pain. We will tackle this from the following perspectives: strength, flexibility, coordination, postural exercises and muscle relaxation techniques. Using our wealth of knowledge in relevant sciences, we are confident we will significantly speed up your recovery. 


Meet Your Trainer

Credentials: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Certificate III & IV in Fitness, 3+ Years Weightloss & Calisthenics Personal Training, 20+ Years Mens Artistic Gymnastics

“Hi, my name is Vic! 

My humble Eastern European roots predisposed me to gymnastics, which I started at the age of 5. I fell in love with this sport. The balance, the strength, the somersaults; it had me enthralled. My form was strict but never perfect, and for this I was reprimanded. It was this that eventually lead me to seek alternatives. I wanted to move fast and to learn quickly, I wanted the adrenaline that I had become so addicted to. They say you need to learn the rules to break them; and having learned them I left behind all the ostentatious baggage, keeping only the most essential principles.

In the years that followed I had diversified my interests and had discovered other disciplines that I took up parallel to gymnastics. These included street workout/calisthenics, tricking, breakdance and yoga. In these new found interests I was no longer restricted by the strict code of gymnastics, and could explore movement with new-found liberty.

These new commitments helped me develop a strong intuition for movement, where through experimentation, I began to invent my own movement patterns and skills. To me, this became the most rewarding part of streetworkout/ calisthenics, where through creativity, I could come up with patterns of movement that perhaps, no one else in the world had yet discovered!”

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Keys To Success



Exercise is well known to be better than any medicine. It may not be as easy as taking a pill, but its effects are undeniably potent and wide-reaching, helping to prevent and even cure many cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and cogntive conditions. 



Nutrition is essential for transforming your body. Eating correctly can help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve your mood and energy levels. 



Obtaining sufficient sleep can make a huge difference to your health. Sleep is needed for recovery, hormonal homeostasis, and maintaining energy levels. 


State of Mind

State of Mind is a combination of attitude, motivation  and readiness to take on your health. Psychology plays a huge role in maintaining health and should be the focus of attention.  

First PT Session – What To Expect

Your first session will be quite light, but be prepared to exercise! We will spend 5-10 minutes discussing your paperwork. This will be followed by a variety of assessments (see below) which will provide benchmark for your training moving forward. 

Goal Setting & PARQ

We will discuss your goals in more detail, outlining our ability to achieve them in the proposed timeframe, any obstacles that might stand in the way, and the strategies we will implement to get you where you want to be. 

Your PARQ will also be reviewed and discussed to see if you have any limitations that may affect your ability to exercise. 

Injury/ Condition Evaluation

The initial consultation will allow our personal trainers to gauge your current level of fitness and any limitations you might have. We will go through common structural weaknesses – such as those in the wrists, scapula and shoulders – that may need to be addressed to prevent injury. This will be done in conjunction with a postural assessment, which will further give insights into how your body will perform under strain. 

Postural Assessment

Your posture plays a massive role in not only how you perform exercises but also in the quality of your everyday living. Bad posture often results in pain, inflammation and can easily lead to injury when performing exercises. By assessing your posture we will be able to prescribe a set of key exercises, stretches and techniques that will reduce muscle tension and prevent muscular pain and inefficiency.

Physical Assessment & Education

In order to effectively prescribe exercises we will need to gauge your physical ability and your familiarity with basic exercises. We will put your strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility to the test in order to work out your strengths and weaknesses. 

Our trainers will also provide education surrounding basic anatomical shapes and how they are relevant to common exercises – including the importance of pelvic position, scapula depression and retraction, the correct tracking of the knees during leg exercises and much more!  


Food Diary Implementation

Nutritional guidance is also available to those that want it. The guidance here will be general and in accordance with dietary guidance outlines set out by Nutrition Australia. We will not be giving out specific food advice but rather we will be talking about nutritional requirements and example foods that can meet these requirements. For anything further you will need to consult a professional nutritionist/ dietician. 

We will implement a food diary that will help keep you accountable, but will also allow us to educate you regarding nutrition if needed. 

Body Composition Analysis

A good way to get a benchmark of your current fitness and monitor your progress is to perform a body composition analysis. Weight is notoriously inaccurate as it can change based off water weight, and doesn’t take into consider muscle and fat – as not all mass is equal. We can provide a scale that can measure your muscle, fat and visceral fat percentages and more – collectively a much better indicator of your fitness than weight.


Why Are We The Best Personal Trainers in Melbourne?
If you search ‘personal trainer near me’ or ‘personal trainer in melbourne’ in Google, you’ll be hit with hundreds of results – most of which are from large commercialised gyms trying to snap you up. Most of the personal trainers these gyms list are novices, some of them not even qualified yet. They may seem cheap, but that’s for a reason. Add the gym membership to the mix and you’re paying top dollar for poor quality training, where you could be receiving exceptional support for the same amount.

Street Workout St Kilda hires only the best of the best. Our personal trainers are all university qualified, with knowledge and experience to get you the results you need. We have no membership fee, and have the capacity to travel to you with our own equipment. We win on price, quality of trainers, convenience, and most importantly, results. 

Want To Try Calisthenics Training But Not Quite Ready?
Does calisthenics seem intangible to you? Do you see all the crazy stuff calisthenics practitioners do, and you look out in awe thinking, “That could never be me?” The reality is, calisthenics, like any discipline, takes time to perfect. Despite what you may think, it’s super practical precisely because it is so adaptable – everything can be scaled down to suit your needs.

During the first session we can help determine whether you’re ready or not. In the case that you’re not we will provide training that will help develop the necessary components to get you there – whether that means weight loss or fundamental strength training.

As a way to get into shape as quickly as possible we highly recommend our Cardiovascular Training. Cardiovascular training (cardio) is a great way to smash out some exercise and is particularly accommodating to beginners. You will definitely break a sweat, but you’ll love yourself for it.

High intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as Tabata, is the current standard for cardiovascular training and is both the most efficient, and most effective cardiovascular regiment out there. Forget running for an entire hour to lose the caloric equivalent of a candy bar. It’s boring, ineffective and can damage yours knees in the long run.

The idea behind HIIT is that you do exercise for short bursts of high intensity (ideally anaerobically i.e. 85-100% of your heart rate max). There are many different exercises that can go into HIIT, but they are generally selected for their capacity to keep heart rate up. This means that HIIT style exercises can be different for different people based on individual fitness levels.

Why Hire Our Melbourne-based Personal Trainers?
Technical knowledge is king

Many among us are simply biomechanically illiterate. Even simple movements can be surprisingly technical – it’s important to have a second pair of eyes and a trainer’s expert opinion.

Motivation can run dry

A trainer is there to motivate you on your best days and your worst. They are there to back you and help you achieve your goals. Having a second person in your fitness journey can be incredibly rewarding – and can really push you over the line.

Injuries are virtually nullified by good trainers

Trainers are always watching, vigilant to prevent injury. Advanced exercises can be dangerous under certain circumstances and spotting can help prevent serious injury.

Enjoyment is what ultimately decides your lifestyle

Training can be fun. In fact, training should be fun. If it’s not fun, then you’re doing something very wrong. It’s unsurprising that many people that train alone are dissatisfied with their training. Often the grind is simply to push that extra plate or to run that extra mile – for many people these goals are not exactly exciting. Trainers can help make training fun and give diversity to your routine.

Can I Train Online?
Online coaching offers many of the perks of face to face personal training, but you don’t have to be in Melbourne to take advantage of our amazing personal trainers. You have access to our knowledge at your fingertips. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills from anywhere around the world. Build your foundation and and get into the best shape of your life with our expert advise on technique, strength and conditioning, nutrition and more! 

Let’s train through video call! You’ll receive all of the guidance you would receive in person via a 1 hour video call from the comfort of your home, gym or calisthenics park. We will guide your workout in real time. Get personalised tips for technique, as we guide you on the best and safest ways to exercise.

Feel free to enquire below, no matter where you are in the world! We speak fluent English and Russian!

Where Can I Train?
Street Workout St Kilda is a mobile personal training company that services Melbourne’s South East. We train mostly out of St Kilda, but also travel to Brighton, Toorak, Docklands and other South-East Suburbs. Our bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, and our trainers bring resistance bands and other fitness equipment that gives our workouts lots of variety. 
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