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Founder & Personal Trainer


✓  Bachelor of Science (Honours)
✓  Certificate III & IV in Fitness
✓  5+ Years Personal Training
✓  20+ Years Gymnastics

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personal trainer vic

Personal Trainer


✓  Bachelor of Science
✓  Certificate III & IV in Fitness
✓  4+ Years Personal Training
✓  3+ Years Calisthenics Training

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personal trainer vic
Based on 23 reviews
Brian Young
Brian Young
My goal was to be able to do handstands. Darsh really helped me not rush into being upside down and start working on the fundamentals. His structured programmes allowed me to become stronger, more mobile and improve my balance. I reached out to be able to do a handstand but unlocked so many other techniques by really working on the foundations. Thank you Darsh
Bridget Firth
Bridget Firth
I wanted to shake up my usual gym routine and challenge myself with new skills after lockdown. Vic got back to my enquiry really quickly and had written programs for each of my goals in no time. He was great during the session I had with him and the programs have been challenging but manageable. I'm enjoying them a lot and am happy with the progress I've seen so far. I highly recommend Vic!
Louise Thomson
Louise Thomson
I have really enjoyed my training sessions with Vic. He is super organised and has helped me achieve my goals in a very short time. Training outdoors was great fun, and focusing on building the strength to perform calisthenics moves has certainly provided me with a renewed zest for my workouts. Thanks Vic !!
james garlick
james garlick
Vic is a great instructor! I was a beginner and Vic helped me get started and build up some baseline strength. Highly recommend doing a session, nothing beats a good workout outdoors 🙂
Melissa Wu
Melissa Wu
Have been working out with Vic for some time. He is definitely a domain expert in calisthenics and personal training. Providing many helpful tips to improve my form.Highly recommended!
Adel Ali
Adel Ali
After two sessions I learnt a bit of foundation that helped me with some current techniques that I've been working on. Thank you a lot!
Jordan Love
Jordan Love
I have had a great experience with PT Vic so far. He's a friendly, knowledgeable guy and a supportive trainer. The sessions are challenging but fun.
Lars Andersson
Lars Andersson
A tailored workout for what you need. Vic is very encouraging and knowledgeable, and can provide a great program of exercises and stretches for you. The use of bodyweight exercises activates a lot of different muscles, and I'm finding it a refreshing change from doing weights in the gym.
Jamie Suttner
Jamie Suttner
Really enjoyed my workout experience with Street Workout St Kilda! Vic tailored the workout to suit my fitness goals. I was completely new to Calisthenics and a bit nervous at first but was amazed at how much I achieved in just 3 sessions! I went from not being able to do any form of handstands to being able to hold a handstand by myself! Sessions were challenging but were a great full body workout and Vic makes sure that your technique is correct which is really important. Also enjoyed training outdoors at M.O Moran Reserve right on the beach. Would recommend Vic & Street Workout St Kilda to anyone looking for a focused, but fun trainer.
Kaela Harrison
Kaela Harrison
I had an awesome experience with Street workout St Kilda! I learnt lots of new skills for example how to hold a handstand for 5 seconds rather than walking around. I really enjoyed learning these skills outdoors, it really made my day! Vic is an awesome guy to learn from as he is extremely supportive and really focuses on giving the best service. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to try something different from lifting heavy weights but still wanting to build core strength and learn awesome skills.
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Discover Calisthenics Training

An artform and an expression of self through movement – not your typical bodyweight training. 

Calisthenics, also known as Street Workout, is bodyweight training discipline that combines gymnastics, yoga, breakdance with its own unique flavour.

Calisthenics is mostly concerned with floor, high bar and parallel bar exercises and can roughly be divided into fundamentals, statics and freestyle.


Why Are We The Best Personal Trainers in Melbourne?

If you search ‘personal trainer near me’ or ‘personal trainer in melbourne’ in Google, you’ll be hit with hundreds of results – most of which are from large commercialised gyms trying to snap you up. Most of the personal trainers these gyms list are novices, some of them not even qualified yet. They may seem cheap, but that’s for a reason. Add the gym membership to the mix and you’re paying top dollar for poor quality training, where you could be receiving exceptional support for the same amount.

Street Workout St Kilda hires only the best of the best. Our personal trainers are all university qualified, with knowledge and experience to get you the results you need. We have no membership fee, and have the capacity to travel to you with our own equipment. We win on price, quality of trainers, convenience, and most importantly, results. 

Want To Try Calisthenics Training But Not Quite Ready?

Does calisthenics seem intangible to you? Do you see all the crazy stuff calisthenics practitioners do, and you look out in awe thinking, “That could never be me?” The reality is, calisthenics, like any discipline, takes time to perfect. Despite what you may think, it’s super practical precisely because it is so adaptable – everything can be scaled down to suit your needs.

During the first session we can help determine whether you’re ready or not. In the case that you’re not we will provide training that will help develop the necessary components to get you there – whether that means weight loss or fundamental strength training.

As a way to get into shape as quickly as possible we highly recommend our Cardiovascular Training. Cardiovascular training (cardio) is a great way to smash out some exercise and is particularly accommodating to beginners. You will definitely break a sweat, but you’ll love yourself for it.

High intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as Tabata, is the current standard for cardiovascular training and is both the most efficient, and most effective cardiovascular regiment out there. Forget running for an entire hour to lose the caloric equivalent of a candy bar. It’s boring, ineffective and can damage yours knees in the long run.

The idea behind HIIT is that you do exercise for short bursts of high intensity (ideally anaerobically i.e. 85-100% of your heart rate max). There are many different exercises that can go into HIIT, but they are generally selected for their capacity to keep heart rate up. This means that HIIT style exercises can be different for different people based on individual fitness levels.

Why Hire Our Melbourne-based Personal Trainers?

Technical knowledge is king

Many among us are simply biomechanically illiterate. Even simple movements can be surprisingly technical – it’s important to have a second pair of eyes and a trainer’s expert opinion.

Motivation can run dry

A trainer is there to motivate you on your best days and your worst. They are there to back you and help you achieve your goals. Having a second person in your fitness journey can be incredibly rewarding – and can really push you over the line.

Injuries are virtually nullified by good trainers

Trainers are always watching, vigilant to prevent injury. Advanced exercises can be dangerous under certain circumstances and spotting can help prevent serious injury.

Enjoyment is what ultimately decides your lifestyle

Training can be fun. In fact, training should be fun. If it’s not fun, then you’re doing something very wrong. It’s unsurprising that many people that train alone are dissatisfied with their training. Often the grind is simply to push that extra plate or to run that extra mile – for many people these goals are not exactly exciting. Trainers can help make training fun and give diversity to your routine.

Can I Train Online?

Online coaching offers many of the perks of face to face personal training, but you don’t have to be in Melbourne to take advantage of our amazing personal trainers. You have access to our knowledge at your fingertips. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills from anywhere around the world. Build your foundation and and get into the best shape of your life with our expert advise on technique, strength and conditioning, nutrition and more! 

Let’s train through video call! You’ll receive all of the guidance you would receive in person via a 1 hour video call from the comfort of your home, gym or calisthenics park. We will guide your workout in real time. Get personalised tips for technique, as we guide you on the best and safest ways to exercise.

Feel free to enquire below, no matter where you are in the world! We speak fluent English and Russian!

Where Can I Train?

Street Workout St Kilda is a mobile personal training company that services Melbourne’s South East. We train mostly out of St Kilda, but also travel to Brighton, Toorak, Docklands and other South-East Suburbs. Our bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, and our trainers bring resistance bands and other fitness equipment that gives our workouts lots of variety. 

Street Workout St Kilda offers personal training in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, including  St KildaElwoodCaulfieldToorakBrightonWindsor. We also provide exercise program design and nutritional guidance for those wanting to fast-track their progress in the calisthenics world.


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