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Our calisthenics personal training business is expanding and we would like to hire a new Melbourne-based trainer to help meet demand from our clients. 

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Job Description

As a Calisthenics Personal Trainer, you will be required to take on Personal Training clients, and manage them as needed. You will be responsible for training them in line with their fitness goals, educating them regarding training and nutrition, and providing exercise programs if required. Our focus is on 3 things: Knowledge, Attitude & Relationship. 

To perform well in this role you will need a significant and intuitive Knowledge of movement. You will need to understand at a glance, every exercise, the working muscles, how to progress and regress exercises and how to work with a client’s pre-existing conditions. Moreover, you will need to have a good understanding of nutrition, exercise science and program design. 

Your Attitude and Personality will play a role in the selection as well. This does not mean you need to be a bubbly and extremely happy person, but it does mean you need to be result focused, positive and willing to work with your clients to help them achieve their goals, even if they are having hiccups along the way. You need to be encouraging and be able to implement strategies that will help them overcome their hurdles. 

A Relationship is the most important thing you should aim to establish with your clients. Clients should not only get along with you, but they should trust you. As a trainer, you need to be invested in your clients. Over time, your clients should become your friends. For many people a personal trainer is not just a trainer, but also their friend, therapist and someone that can listen to the tribulations of their conscience and the joys of their life.

A personal trainer is more than just a fitness instructor; you must be more than just a fitness instructor.   


Our Clients & Training

We primarily receive 2 types of clients:

  1. Typical personal training clients looking for weight loss and strength gain (usually BEGINNERS) and;
  2. Clients interested in learning calisthenics street workout (usually INTERMEDIATES)

You should be comfortable with coaching both types of clients, and should be able to demonstrate calisthenics skills. It would be beneficial to be proficient in calisthenics, yoga, gymnastics. 

Our training sessions are conducted outside at various locations. We use various outdoor equipment as well as an arsenal of calisthenics equipment including resistance bands, chalk and gymnastics rings/ TRX. We highly recommend you invest in some of this equipment if you plan to become a trainer. 


Pre-requisites & Nice-To-Haves



  • Australian Certified Personal Trainer
  • Minimum 1 Year Experience as a Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Knowledge
  • Calisthenics Street Workout Experience
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science or related degree
  • Experience teaching Calisthenics Street Workout
  • Nutrition Qualification
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Contact Info

St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

0421 962 245

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