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Posted On May 3, 2020

Personal Trainers in St Kilda are super common. The beach-town suburb of St Kilda is a hub of sport, fitness and culture. The healthy lifestyle is sought with fervour, and the springing up of gyms on every corner is testament to the demand.  

Types of Personal Trainers in St Kilda

There are many types of personal trainers in St Kilda. We can broadly seperate them into those that work for gyms and those that don’t. Moreover education level, experience and sporting background are othher factors to consider.  

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Level 1: Gym-hired Personal Trainers 

Some personal trainers in St Kilda are hired by gyms. These personal trainers are usually on casual contracts until they are able to sufficiently build up their hours. Gyms that hire personal trainers in St Kilda include Anytime Fitness and South Pacific.   

Personal trainers in St Kilda that are hired by these gyms are usually subpar. This is for several reasons. First up, personal trainers that apply for these positions usually don’t require much experience (and those that have it usually move up to higher-paying managerial roles).

Often they are hired straight after finishing certificate III and IV, which are blatantly insufficient for any real application of fitness principles outside of making you do 50 burpees to fill in the time. 

The pay is low, and wages are often made with little or no commission. This encourages personal trainers to ‘bum around’ and do as little work as possible due to a lack of incentive. As the client, this is super detrimental to both your results and the added value you are receiving for your money. 

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Level 2: Gym-renting Personal Trainers 

Gym-renting personal trainers in St Kilda are usually a higher class of PT. Often gym franchises such as Fitness First and Good Life will allow personal trainers to rent out space in their facilities to train clients. These personal trainers are essentially running their own businesses in their gyms and are expected to pay huge fees fortnightly. 

This added stress incentivises them to work extra hard and maintain their clients through a higher level of service. On the other hand these personal trainers also try to snap up as many clients as possible to cover their costs, and often do not specialise or may not even be able to help particular clients.

Again, many of these personal trainers do not have much in the way of education. The cut throat environment at these gyms allows some PT’s to dominate their competition and rise above the rest. This however, is not a sure sign of their competency, and rather can be influenced by industrious client scavenging, client sniping and popularity in the gym.      

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Level 3: Independent Personal Trainers 

Independent personal trainers in St Kilda are often of the highest level. It takes a certain level of competency and courage to start your own business independently. These are veteran PT’s that have made it in their respective environments and have decided to go separate ways with commercial gyms.  

This decision is often made through confidence inspired by success as a personal trainer and an accumulation of knowledge and experience. More often than not, these personal trainers have higher education in addition to their fitness certificates, whether that be a Bachelor Degree or higher. 

Due to the independent nature of their venture and the freedom that they have to train as they feel necessary, these trainers give genuine value in their sessions. As they have no free leads, they also have a higher stake in maintaining clients and as such have the highest level of customer service.

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Street Workout St Kilda is an independent mobile personal training company in St Kilda. We offer the highest level of service in Melbourne’s South-East suburbs including St Kilda, Brighton & Toorak. 

Get in touch with our University Educated, highly experienced personal trainers today. Whether you’re interested in losing weight, getting stronger – or our speciality – calisthenics street workout body-weight training, we’re here to help!  

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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