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Posted On October 20, 2020

Fitness and personal trainers are HUGE in Brighton. This beachfront suburb has the perfect environment for outdoor personal training – fresh air, green parks and the abundance of open spaces.

 There are many different types of personal trainers in Brighton, so who should you go with? What sets them apart and where can you get the best bang for your buck? Keep reading to find out!

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Freelance Vs Gym Personal Trainers In Brighton

Brighton has several big chain commercial gyms including a Fitness First and Anytime, but it also has many privately owned mobile personal training companies.

The commercial gyms offer a large array of PTs. These personal trainers typically pay rent to the gym and have a large incentive to capture as many clients as possible, regardless of their capacity to help them. This results in clients being paired up with trainers that don’t understand their needs and that can’t deliver on their promises.

Many personal trainers in Brighton that work in large gyms often have just graduated their personal training courses – many of which are now online, and have little real world experience. Despite this, you will likely still be paying top dollar on top of membership fees to train with them.

Free lance personal trainers may not have access to the most state-of-the-art facilities, however they make use of what they have to deliver exceptional results. Free lance personal trainers typically train outdoors and have their own sweep of portable fitness equipment. In addition to this, they make use of outdoor playgrounds, benches, steps and more.

Training with a freelance personal trainer is typically cheaper if you consider gym membership fees and offers a great opportunity to get outside and get some sun. The technical knowledge of freelance personal trainers is usually much better as these are trainers that have usually gone through the gym rent model and have chosen to start their own business. In this time they have accumulated sufficient experience and have had a ton of success stories that have given them the confidence to go it alone.

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What Differentiates Personal Trainers In Brighton

Before choosing a personal trainer you should always press them about their knowledge and experience. This can give you a good idea about what to expect during your training – and whether or not you will hit your targets. You should beware of a trainer that lacks both knowledge, because the exercises prescribed will be run of the mill at best, and at worst will cause injury. Even incorrect technique on something as innocuous as a squat can add up over time and cause damage to the knees.

Here’s a typical comparison for personal trainers in Brighton that work in commercial gyms vs their freelancer counterparts.

Freelancer personal trainers in Brighton: better knowledge, experience and price.

Commercial personal trainers in Brighton: better convenience and weather protection.

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Start Training Today In Brighton

Street Workout St Kilda offers top quality personal training in Melbourne’s South East, including St Kilda, Brighton and Toorak!

Get in contact today and let’s hit your fitness goals! Click here to find out more!

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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