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The initial consultation will allow us to gauge your current level and any limitations you might have. We will also explore your goals in great detail and create a logical plan to help you achieve them! 

Although anyone can start calisthenics, there is a certain level of conditioning that is required to safely perform most intermediate skills. It is therefore necessary to create a sound foundation. The assessment will help us determine your strengths and weaknesses – and determine which exercises are required for you to reach the next level. Optionally, a body composition analysis can set a baseline to measure future improvements against.

We will go through common structural weaknesses – such as those in the wrists, scapula and shoulders – that may need to be addressed to prevent injury. This will be done in conjunction with a postural assessment, which will further give insights into how your body will perform under strain.

Complimentary to this will be rehabilitation – a set of key exercises, stretches and techniques that will reduce muscle tension and prevent muscular pain and inefficiency.  

Perhaps the most important aspect of the initial consultation will be familiarising yourself with the basic shapes in calisthenics. This handful of special body shapes are the cornerstone of everything you do in calisthenics and its vital that you understand their application. 

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Dietary Assessment

Pre-Exercise Questionnaire

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WARNING: I acknowledge and agree that: physical activity/exercise may cause serious injury or death – caused by me, other people around me, my personal trainer, or improper use or failure of equipment; these activities/exercises may involve weightlifting, strenuous exercises or movements, and other high exertion activities, and that I am not obliged to do any of these things, and I can stop at any time or ask for assistance; and it is completely my own choice to undertake and participate in this activity/exercise, and it is at my own risk.

DISCLAIMER: In consideration of the above, I release Street Workout St Kilda – ABN 65 714 394 898 (including its directors, owners, agents, employees, trainers, workers and volunteers) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation in this activity/exercise, including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of any or all of the above mentioned parties. I acknowledge that I have answered the questions in this form truthfully and correctly. I acknowledge that where I have indicated YES to a question I have checked with my doctor to ensure it is safe for me to undergo a fitness assessment and/or begin my exercise program with Street Workout St Kilda. By signing this document I acknowledge that I understand that these terms affect my legal rights.

I AGREE that in SOME Instances DURING SESSIONS, Material May be Obtained for the Purpose of Marketing

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