Nutritional Guidance

Exercise is only half the story. It’s important to emphasise the value of nutrition, and to highlight it as a pre-requisite to energy, strength, physique and well-being. 

Our nutritional consultations include an assessment of your current diet. We look at calories and the caloric density of the foods you eat. This helps us determine where your calories are coming from – and where your calory intake sits in relation to achieving your goals. 

Eating frequency, snacking practices, and the timing of meals in relation to sleeping and exercise is also closely examined. Timing is often invaluable for optimising physiological processes such as protein synthesis and energy priming and replenishment.  

We’ll also try to determine anything that is missing. It’s often easy to overlook a particular element of your diet, especially if you’re on a non-traditional diet. Missing out on a particular amino acid, essential fat or vitamin can be enough to stagnate your progress or reduce your energy levels. 

nutritional guidance
Disclaimer: We are not qualified nutritionists and any specific advise regarding diet should be obtained from a qualified nutritionist. We do however hold Science degrees and have studied relevant Food and Biochemistry subjects at University level.

Any advise given is general and is backed by the latest science. Street Workout St Kilda will not be liable for any damages that may result directly or indirectly as a result of our nutritional consultations.  

Vic is exceptionally knowledgeable and takes the time to clearly explain all elements of our training in relation to technique and  physiology.

Vic is a gun and knows his stuff!



My goal in starting training with Vic was to learn how to do the muscle up. At the time I could barely do 5 pull ups. With consistent training for 3 months I can now do one without the band!



Dietary Tips For Calisthenics

There are basic fundamental dietary principles that are essential for understanding the effects of diet on health and performance. We provide this service as a means to break through the smog of misinformation and convolution, to what are essentially very straightforward concepts. 

Individual application of these principles, however, can differ wildly between individuals and its important to construe a diet that is conducive to your goals – just as you would select exercise for a specific purpose. 

You can find a great article detailing dietary principles HERE 


Our Nutritional Philosophy

We are not big on weird diets, fasting, super foods and all the rest – although if you feel they work for you, then by all means, go for it! Our philosophy is centred around a balanced diet and sustainable eating practices. The biggest reason why diets don’t work is because they encroach on lifestyle. You will never win a game that you resent playing! 

Instead of trying to break through walls – and sometimes this is indeed necessary in the beginning – we encourage you to choose a set of values that you know you won’t begrudge yourself. Small steps and education go a long way to creating long-lasting behavioural change. 


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