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Handstands Classes in Melbourne

In case you didn’t know, handstands are AWESOME. Not only are they a fantastic way to work on core strength, body awareness and muscle endurance – but they are a super enjoyable way to train!

Handstands serve as a cornerstone for those seeking to master movement. In the calisthenics world, handstands are immensely translatable and are a pre-requisite to many other skills. They’ll teach you discipline – they’re not easy – but once you get them, there’s an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement. Handstands are addicting, and will revolutionise the way you look at training forever!   

Check out this fun article that details handstands and the benefits of hand-balance.

When are your handstand classes starting?

We hope to offer handstand classes in the near future, but for us to launch them we need to see sufficient interest! 

If you want them to go ahead, please fill out our expression of interest form. Once enough people have expressed interest in handstand classes we will send out an email to those that have signed up.

There will be a survey that will go out to work out which times work best for the majority of calisthenics enthusiasts. Location will be specified soon. 

Expression of Interest

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