Boxing Training And Boxercise In Melbourne

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Posted On December 16, 2020

Boxing is a fantastic way to stay fit. It’s great cardio and can easily be incorporated into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or as part of a circuit. It’s probably the number 1 tool used by Personal Trainers in Melbourne to get clients into shape.

What Is Boxercise And Why Is It So Popular In Melbourne

Boxercise is a type of boxing training designed for fitness and weightloss. It’s especially recommended for those on the heavier side or for anyone that has knee or hip problems. This is because boxing, unlike many other forms of HIIT, is primarily upper body orientated. This allows you to burn a similar amount of calories while minimising impact through the knees.

Boxercise guarantees a fast-paced training session that will have you sweating! You don’t need to be good at boxing to have a good time. Remember, the idea behind boxercise is not to become Mike Tyson (although that would be an added bonus!) – but to get fit.

Boxercise is very beginner friendly and will introduce you to basic boxing concepts such as footwork, basic punches and combinations, ducking and weaving and much more. It can even be combined with elements of kickboxing such as knees, kicks and elbows that can give your workout some more variety.


Boxercise is a form of High Intensity Interval Training that incorperates boxing and sometimes kickboxing. 

Why Is Boxercise So Effective At Burning Calories

If you’ve ever boxed before, you know just how tough it can be! Boxing skyrockets heart rate because of its intensity and keeps it constantly high for the entire workout. Boxercise is the perfect example of HIIT, where there are periods of moderate intensity – typically slow boxing and/ or running – and periods of high intensity.

By working at a high intensity not only do you burn calories in the moment but you increase your metabolism for up to 48hours and create something called oxygen debt. Oxygen debt is the phenomenon that occurs when the body is working very hard, such that the amount of oxygen supplied can’t meet oxygen demand.

When this occurs, the body needs to pay back this oxygen debt, causing the body to use up more oxygen later in an extended recovery that burns extra calories for some time after you finish exercising.


Boxercise is high intensity exercise that burns calories in the moment, but that also increases metabolism post-exercise for up to 48hours. 

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Boxing Training Vs Boxercise

Boxing training is typically focused on technical boxing and sparring. Hence, elements taught in boxing training are designed for use in actual boxing. If you’re someone who wants to become technically proficient at boxing then this is the training for you.

Boxercise, with its focus on boxing as a form of exercise, has less focus on technical ability – and instead aims to burn calories in less traditional forms. Often, boxing is included here as just another element of the workout, rather than the sole focus as in boxing training.


Boxing Training focuses on technical boxing, where as Boxercise incorperates boxing as part of HIIT. 

Boxercise For Women – Getting Rid Of Flabby Arms And Love Handles

Although traditionally martial arts have been male dominated, boxercise offers an awesome opportunity for women to test the waters without feeling intimidated. The casual nature of boxercise makes it more accessible for more people. With a personal trainer you won’t even have to hold the pads and get whaled on by your partner!

Boxercise is fantastic for women because it can improve self-esteem. Not only will you feel more confident with your body but boxercise is well known to help get rid of flabby arms and love handles.

Boxercise can help tone the arms as the muscles will get stronger and leaner. Similarly, the core will become stronger and more defined from the repetitive rotation of the torso. Overall, a leaner physique built on a higher percentage of muscle, along with the weightloss from the high intensity exercise, will contribute to a leaner and healthier body.


Boxercise can help women get rid of flabby arms and love handles, by toning up the triceps and obliques. Overall weightloss from boxercise will be the main driving factor, however. 

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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