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A Complete Guide To Statics In Calisthenics And Street Workout

A Complete Guide To Statics In Calisthenics And Street Workout2APRIL, 2020Statics, also known as static holds or isometric holds, make up half of the calisthenics regiment. They complement calisthenics dynamics, also known as calisthenics freestyle or bar flow.Statics...

Human Flag – Calisthenics Static Hold Complete Guide

The human flag is an icon in calisthenics, and is perhaps one of the few unique static holds not found in gymnastics. There have been similar variations in pole dancing, however it’s likely that calisthenics founded this isometric hold. In calisthenics the human flag...

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Cardio

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Cardio4AUGUST, 2020Losing fat is a tricky business. Fat is at the end of the day the body’s energy storage. The very process of storing fat is embedded into every human by evolution, and has been integral to our survival through...
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