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Top 3 Magnesium Supplements – Relax Tight Muscles

Sometimes the things our bodies lack are the most insignificant, forgotten aspects of our nutrition - but they are enough to stagnate progress and to start a cascade of mediocrity. It's important to understand what our bodies require to reach and maintain, optimal...

Complete Guide To Building Strength For The Handstand Push Up [VIDEO]

Complete Guide To Building Strength For The Handstand Push Up [VIDEO]3FEBRUARY, 2021The handstand push up is the ultimate bodyweight shoulder exercise and requires exceptional strength and body control. Not only does it push the deltoids to their limits, but it tests...

Beginner Calisthenics Workout: How To Build Strength

Best Beginner Calisthenics Home Workout6MAY, 2021Most people that enter the world of calisthenics are inspired by Instagram and YouTube, and are keen to hit all the big skills. They are soon disappointed to learn that calisthenics is not easy and that the big skills...
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