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Complete Guide – Calisthenics Chest Workout (Bodyweight ONLY)

Calisthenics Chest & Tricep Workout (Bodyweight ONLY)23MAY, 2020Want a big chest and triceps but don’t have access to a bench press? Well good news, because you don’t need it! A calisthenics chest and tricep workout, when done correctly, can more than suffice. You...

Mike Tyson’s Insane Calisthenics Routine for Strength Training

Mike Tyson's Calisthenics Training Routine That Made Him A World Champion8APRIL, 2021It’s undeniable that Mike Tyson is one of the greatest fighters to ever live, but more than that, he was by far the most intimidating fighter, or just person in general, on the...

Best Mineral Supplements For Working Out – Ca, Mg, Fe, K

Table of Contents1. Introduction to Micronutrients2. Potassium - Neural Health & Osmolarity3. Magnesium - The Muscle Relaxant4. Calcium - Strong Bones & Teeth5. Iron - Healthy Blood & EnergyImportance of Micro-nutrientsOur focus on macros often gives us...
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