4 Essential Tools for Boosting Your Calisthenic Workout


JULY, 2022

Once you complete your initial Fitness Certifications (Certificate III and IV in Fitness), you are now a Certified Personal Trainer. The next logical step from here is to register with the peak governing body for Fitness Professionals AUSactive (formerly known as Fitness Australia).


The first time you register with AUSactive, all you need to do is:

– Provide your qualifications
– Pay the registration free

Your initial registration period will last for two years

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1. Fitness bands and smartwatches

Wearable technology such as fitness bands and smartwatches have been designed with fitness in mind. Built with sensors that track heart rates and hydration, these gadgets are becoming more prevalent in the calisthenic community.

Wearing one allows you to set goals and monitor your progress so you will know if you’re on the right track. You just need to find a smartwatch or fitness band that’s lightweight and waterproof so you can take your calisthenic workout anywhere.

2. Wireless earbuds

Music has always been one of the best fitness aids because it sets the mood for an intense workout. The beats can also help you maintain your pace. Whether you prefer EDM or metal, listening to music during a calisthenics session can increase your upper body strength, overcome fatigue, and keep you motivated.

With a pair of wireless earbuds, you will always be in the mood to go beyond your daily fitness goals. Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, wireless earbuds allow you to listen to adrenaline-pumping tracks without troublesome wires getting in the way. Consider picking a brand that offers the best sound quality, battery capacity, and water resistance. In case you want earbuds for taking calls while working out, look for ones that come with noise-canceling features. 

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3. Mobile fitness trackers

If you are looking for ways to mix up your workout program, there are several fitness apps you can download to your phone. These apps come with loads of features such as a workout planner that recommends the best activities you can do based on your goals.

Whether it’s focusing on endurance or reducing weight, mobile fitness trackers are designed to help you focus on your fitness journey. It’s just a matter of picking the best calisthenics app that offers easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners like yourself and provides you with detailed reports of your previous performance. With the right app, it will be easier to improve your workout for the best gains. 

4. Virtual reality system

You can’t always expect the weather to cooperate if you take your calisthenic workout outside. Fortunately, you can turn your home into a simulated street environment using virtual reality or a VR system like the Oculus Rift.

A virtual workout might not feel real but the gamified immersive experience can help boost your workout performance. With VR video games that are designed for indoor fitness, you can turn your calisthenic workout into a fun workout.

Doing calisthenics as a beginner poses lots of challenges. Using the right gadgets should help make things easier and bring you closer to your fitness goals. 

Doing calisthenics as a beginner poses lots of challenges. Using the right gadgets should help make things easier and bring you closer to your fitness goals.  

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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