30 Minute Workout At Home – Toning Muscles Fast In 2021


JULY, 2021

A 30 minute workout should consist of a warm up, several main exercises and a cool down. Here is how to make every minute count and get the most out of your workout in 30 minutes or less!

You need to plan ahead – know what you’re going to do! Design a program or get a personal trainer to design one for you specific to your goals and abilities. Trust me, as a trainer, I see so many people walk in and out of the gym. About 80% of them are wasting their time and will not achieve anything meaningful from their routines.

The following will serve as a skeleton of what an at home toning workout should look like for the average person. 

30 minute workout

5 Minute Warm Up

I’ve only got 30 minutes, why am I spending 5 minutes warming up!? Because you will be spending a lot longer on rehab when you tear your muscles. Warmups are essential and should be specific to the exercises you choose to do in your workout. The most specific warm up exercises you can do are essentially watered-down versions of the exercises in your workout.

Generally, you will want to warm up the whole body. The legs are a good place to start as the muscles in the legs are some of the largest in the body and produce the most heat. Make sure to also get high risk muscles such as those in the shoulders and lower back. Any muscles you plan to use in the workout itself should receive special prolonged attention during the warmup. Spend about 30s on each exercise.


*The order of warm up exercises corresponds to exercises in the workout that directly benefit from their inclusion.

1. Crab walks, bodyweight squats

  1. Resistance band – pushes

    3. Resistance band – dislocates, chest bounces shoulder press

    4. Active hangs

    5. Caterpillar walk outs (inch worms)

    6. Bicycles

    7. Bent over row (with resistance band) – thin band


glute bands sqr

The Meat Of Your Full Body Workout (20 Minutes):

Aim to complete the home workout below 2x in 20 minutes. Treat it as a circuit.

A full body workout should target all the major movement patterns and muscles of the body. Each exercise in the home workout below targets a different muscle group and is designed for an beginner / intermediate. Remember that the exercises can always be regressed to make them easier. Notably resistance bands can make relatively difficult exercises like pike push ups and pull ups much more achievable.

Here is a great article on HOW TO USE RESISTANCE BANDS

20 Minutes Of Hell (Repeat 2x)
  1. Lunges x 20


  2. Push ups x 12


  3. Pike Push Ups x 8


  4. Pull ups x 10


  5. Superman x 30s


  6. Hollow Body Hold x 30s


  7. Bent over row (with resistance band) x 20

Consider reading further HERE to understand how to properly complete the exercises in the workout!

Cool Down (5 Minutes)

The cool down is almost as important as the warm up. In the cool down you should do 2 things. First you should roll. Rolling involves using a foam roller or massage ball to massage and help relax your muscles. It’s super important to prevent muscle tension post workout.

Secondly this is the time to do some static stretching. Make sure to stretch all of the muscle groups used in the workout. 

Static Stretches

*The following stretches are numbered to correspond to the relevant exercises in the workout.

  1. 1 leg quad stretch / toe reach

    2. Door frame stretch

    3. Resistance band lunge shoulder stretch

    4. Downward facing dog

    5/7 Plow Pose (heels over head while lying down)

    6. Upward facing dog

Written by Vic

Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Athlete and the Founder of Street Workout St Kilda. Super passionate about bodyweight training and the art of movement.
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