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About Us

Rebuilt from the ground up, Street Workout is a modern alternative to the gym. We believe in keeping physical conditioning raw and untouched by corporate fitness.

Hybridising street movements originating in Eastern Europe with elements of the most exceptional disciplines from around the world including: gymnastics, calisthenics, breakdance and yoga, we have attuned our interpretation of Street Workout. Street Workout has been stripped to the bone, and from this lean founding beast we have raised a behemoth!

With only the body and the bar, we establish a regiment that not only will make you incredibly lean and strong, but that will give the freedom of movement that can only be achieved through complete body mastery.

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“If you cannot move your own body, what business do you have moving the objects around you?”

Calisthenics In Melbourne 

Having been shaped in various parts of Europe, Street Workout (a.k.a Calisthenics) migrated rapidly to the Americas, and more recently to Australia and the Melbourne Calisthenics and Street Workout communities. There is no place where calisthenics has taken over so rapidly as the beachside town of St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne calisthenics athletes flock to Melbourne calisthenics parks in Melbourne’s South-East. 

As calisthenics is becoming more well known, for some it is becoming the primary means of staying fit. Fitness lovers that used to frequent gyms are finding calisthenics can not only substitute their gym membership, but can provide them with a more well-rounded functional exercise regimen. Many are finding a new found love of exercise in calisthenics, an exhilaration – a forgotten feeling in the often mundane fitness grind of the 21st century. 

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pt banner melbourne
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Best Personal Trainers in Melbourne

Street Workout St Kilda aims to provide the best personal training in Melbourne for all – beginner through to advanced, of all abilities and limitations. Although we specialise in calisthenics bodyweight training, we also cater for those looking to better their physique, lose weight, gain and improve their strength. Our trainers are certified, hold relevant degrees and have a track record of impressive results.

We also hopes to give life to this calisthenics movement by providing guidance to anyone hoping to learn calisthenics and the intricacies of bodyweight training in a safe and supportive environment, with the correct progressions. We are a mobile personal trainer company that provides personal training in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, including  St KildaElwoodCaulfieldToorakBrightonWindsor. We also provide exercise program design and nutritional guidance for those wanting to fast-track their progress in the calisthenics world.

We have embraced online personal training, giving clients the opportunity to train from all over Melbourne, Australia and the World. Online personal training is conducted via video call and combines all of the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of exercising from home.

Whether you’d like to learn iconic static holds like the handstand or planche, or if you’re more into calisthenics freestyle and barflow, join us and let us help you become a stronger, fitter, leaner version of yourself.

“Don’t be upset with the result you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do”

Calisthenics Equipment

In addition to our personal training services, we also have a calisthenics shop. We offer state-of-the-art calisthenics equipment for all of your calisthenics training needs. Calisthenics equipment is necessary to get the most out of your workouts, whether at home or at the calisthenics park. We sell chalk, gymnastics rings, resistance bands, parallettes and more!

We also offer pre-made calisthenics workouts. These are downloadable calisthenics programs in PDF format. Each program has a specific purpose, ranging from fundamentals, to statics, to dynamics. If you would like a program specific to you, consider purchasing a tailored program design. This will allow us to formulate a super specific program with your goals and limitations in mind.

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Each new day is an opportunity to improve
Answers To Your Questions
Where are you located?

We train outdoors in St Kilda and surroudning areas, but there are opportunities to train indoors at other locations if bad weather and/or if you need the mats!

Do you have equipment?

Yes, we have access to resistance bands and chalk. The playgrounds have high bars and parallel bars. The only thing you need to bring is yourself. 

Do I need to be super fit?

Absolutely NOT. We train everyone regardless of strength and experience. Like everything, it will take some time, but progress will be much faster than you think.

Are you certified?

Yes! I have a Certificate III and IV in fitness, and additionally a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree with very relevant anatomy and muscular physiology units.

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